Eroge Impression – Natsuyume Nagisa

Natsuyume Nagisa

Hi guys, it’s been 5 days since the last time I post something. I’m just back from my short holiday By the way, Clover Day’s was already released. Is there any of you that already played it? Me? I still don’t play Clover Day’s yet. I even still don’t download it. I decided to download it after I’m back from my short holiday. Since I have time until I finish downloading Clover Day’s, I decided to play 3 eroges. One of eroge that I played is SAGA PLANETS’s first hit eroge and eroge that made them known by people, especially by eroge player, Natsuyume Nagisa.

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Eroge Spotlight – Clover Day’s

Since it’s already a new week. it’s time for…………….EROGE SPOTLIGHT!!!!!!

I’m sure people can guess what is my eroge spotlight in this week because I already give a hint my eroge spotlight in this week by changed the header in my blog. Yup, this week eroge spotlight is the most anticipated eroge in March 2014 eroge releases and it’s ALcot 10th year anniversary eroge. Without wasting anymore time, Here are my Eroge Spotlight this week, Clover Day’s!!

Company:  ALcot

Game Site:  Clover Day’s

Release Date: March 28, 2014

Links: VNDB, Getchu

Yuuto was abandoned by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Britain. He was adopted by a trader Yoshiomi and brought to Japan. Even though he could hardly speak any Japanese, he was supported by his twin imoutos Anzu and Anri, and his classmates Tsubame and Izumi. They didn’t know the meaning of love, but they laughed and cried together and forged irreplaceable and precious bonds.

It’s been 10 years since and both them and their surroundings have changed greatly. But there is one thing which hadn’t changed at all. Another pair of twins, his osananajimi Hekiru and Hikaru, returned to Japan from overseas. “Do you remember… our promise from that day?”

Hidden feelings, eternal promises, sincere wishes, lasting regrets. Those ‘feelings’ which had stopped once again began to move. Their ‘Clover Day’s’ begin here.

(“Borrowed” from Micchi’s Blog)

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Manga Talk – Is This Coincidence Or Conspiracy?

Once again, we already moving into new week. Well, I’m sure that I already said before that time is moving fast when you don’t realize it. Just look now, we only have 7 days left in March now.

By the way, today I begin this week post with manga talk that related to Nisekoi and Koe no Katachi. In my opinion, Nisekoi is the best shounen romcom manga in Weekly Shounen Jump now. Meanwhile, Koe no Katachi is the best shounen romance manga in Weekly Shounen Magazine now. So, what makes me want to talk about those two not because they’re the best romance manga in their respective magazine, but because of their latest chapter.

So, did you already read their latest chapter. If you still don’t read them, I recommend you to read them first. I give you the link so you can read them.

Nisekoi chapter 115

Koe no Katachi chapter 30

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Top 10 Eroge Opening 2014: 1st Quarter

It’s just 6 days left until all eroge in March 2014 released. So I think it’s about time to share my favorite eroge Openings so far in this 1st quarter of 2014 (January-March) . I can’t say that my list was long since all of them are in this list, but because my list are more than 10, I cut them into top 10. Here are my Top 10 Eroge Opening in 1st Quarter of 2014 (January-March).

Just sit back and enjoy watching them. ^_^

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Manga Talk – Many Popular Manga Getting Close To The End This Year

Hi everyone!! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday because I’m not feeling well. Today in my manga talk, we talk about popular manga that ended in this year or rumored to end in this year. Why I bring this topic? I’m sure some of you don’t realize that we got many news about some popular manga that will end soon in this year lately. The latest news about popular manga that will end soon in this year came from Koe no Katachi and Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows). Because of that I decided to talk about this topic in this Manga Talk.

Yesterday, I searched some information about manga that ended, or will end soon, or rumored to end in this year. Here are the list of manga that ended, or will end soon, or rumored to end in this year that I found so far:

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Eroge Spotlight – Racial Merge

A new week means……NEW EROGE SPOTLIGHT!! This time Eroge Spotlight is kinda different because eroge that I choose in my Eroge Spotlight this week aren’t eroge that released in this month. Well, it should be counted as eroge that released in this month if it isn’t delayed to April 2014. Since my Eroge Spotlight in April 2014 already booked and there is no place for this eroge in my Eroge Spotlight in April 2014, I give this Eroge Spotlight to this eroge because it’s kinda pity if I don’t give this eroge a spotlight because this eroge looks pretty promising. Okay, without wasting anymore time, Here are my Eroge Spotlight this week, Racist Racial Merge.

Company: アクセル (AXL)

Game Site: レーシャル・マージ

Release Date: March 28, 2014  April 25, 2014

Links: VNDB, Getchu

Racial Merge

Will was the first youth from his remote village in 50 years to be selected for the elite school in the capital. Lovingly raised by the town’s elderly folks, he was a kind fellow who possessed great knowledge and technique. However, there were no young women in the area. They gave him a warm send-off and told him not to come back until he found a bride. Along the way to the capital, he came upon a lot of young women and also many people in trouble. His kindness led him to coming to aid of a blind girl Meryl, but she didn’t thank him in return. Later, he met her at the school, where she worked as a maid.

The Royal Invitational Institute for the Elite is an avant-garde school which aims to break down the wall between the nobility and commoners, with graduates becoming the elite who will help lead the country. However, that is merely the facade since social class differences exist within the school, with the commoners acting as servants to the nobility. However, having grown up in the country, Will could not grasp the concept of social class differences. While others would not dare casually approach a royal like the princess Phyllis, he only saw her as a ‘young woman’. His way of treating everyone equally gradually changed the deep-rooted discrimination at the school.

(“Borrowed” from Micchi’s Blog)

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Manga Talk – Is It Bad Sign Or Not?

World Trigger Volume 4 Cover

Hey guys! We already moved into new week. Since we just moved into new week, let me begin this new week with Manga Talk. Today, my manga talk is related to Sci-fi Action manga by Ashihara Daisuke, World Trigger.

Before I begin the talk about World Trigger, first of all I show you some Ashihara-sensei interview by ESJ (English Shounen Jump). Last week, ESJ did an interview with Ashihara-sensei and here are some of his interview that interest me: (Credits to zogobob in mangahelpers for translating the interview)

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Eroge Impression – Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo

Time feels long when you feel it, but feels short when you don’t feel it. That’s one of the truth about time. It’s still about less than 2 weeks until Clover Day’s released, yet I kinda feel it’s really long. Since there are still time until Clover Day’s released, I decided to play Katawa Shoujo and here are my impression to it (btw, this my first Eroge Impression).

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Manga Impression – Nobunaga no Chef

It’s been 2 days since the last time I post manga impression, So I decided to do it today to the newest manga that I read. It’s a cooking manga. Talking about cooking manga, cooking manga that I knew so far are some normal one and cooking that mixed with school setting, but what if cooking mixed with historical. How it will turn out? You will find out in this manga impression because manga that I will talk in this impression is a manga where cooking mixed with historical.

Author: Nishimura Mitsuru

Artist: Kajikawa Takurou

Serialized in: Shuukan Manga Times

Status: 9 Volumes (Ongoing)

Links: Baka-Updates, Manga Fox

Nobunaga no Chef Volume 1 Cover

Ken is a modern-day chef who wakes up one morning in war-torn 16th century Japan. Faced with an impossible situation, he does what he does best – he cooks. Soon, word of his wonderful food reaches the capital, and the ears of warlord Oda Nobunaga, who immediately orders Ken to cook for him. What will happen to Ken as he finds himself stumbling around in an era he doesn’t belong?

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Eroge Talk – This Issue Can Ruin Your Plan

It’s White Day everyone, or maybe not. Well, my place isn’t in White Day anymore, so maybe your place is still in White Day. Still, Happy White Day everyone ^_^ (Though I late a day said it)!! Did you get something in White Day? Me, I don’t get anything this year since I’m single too after all. By the way, today we will have talk about one of things that sometimes happen in eroge that I’m sure most of you don’t like it. So, What is that thing? Before I tell you, I will show you some eroge first.

Da Capo III Platinum Partner

Haruka Kanata

Racial Merge

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