Eroge Talk – Loli Paradise Month Eroge Releases (June 2014 Eroge Releases)

It’s June!! That means Summer!! Summer means holiday!! Summer holiday will come soon! Also, World Cup is underway too now.

By the way, at last, Micchi already released June 2014 Eroge Releases few days ago. After took a look at this month eroge releases………………..I’m sure that loli lover and pedophile out there must be really happy now since there are many loli in this month. This month eroge releases is Loli Paradise Month Eroge Releases.

If you still don’t see June 2014 Eroge Releases, you can go to it with the link that I prepare for you and take your time to see June 2014 Eroge Releases (Just click on it to go there).

June 2014 Eroge Releases

Okay, it’s time to do a talk about June 2014 Eroge Releases.

Since Aero and Will had complaint with that light blue color text before, now I change my color text into Orange. I agree with you this month eroge releases is Loli Paradise Month Eroge Releases. I see many loli. Loli, Loli Everywhere.

Please wait a minute first


Okay, Done. 😀

Thanks for making that meme for me.

Okay let’s begin this month eroge releases talk from Re;Lord ~Helford no Majo to Nuigurumi~. It’s SLG eroge. Since it’s SLG eroge and its story looks kinda mediocre, I better don’t hope much for its story. But I’m interested with its gameplay and Micchi said that its gameplay is enjoyable, so I will save this one in my backlog and maybe play it after I finish Reminiscence Re:Collect and Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki for this month.

That’s amazing way to defeat witch there. You’re not defeating a witch by some magic, or some weapon, or some anti spells, but by stripping her and have H with her. That’s a really improvement way to defeat a witch. If every witch should be defeated like that, I’m sure there will be many people that want to apply as witch hunter. Still it’s no for me.

Next is Koinaka -Koinaka de Hatsukoi × Nakadashi Sexual Life-. See “Nukige” word in this game already made me want to avoid this game as far as possible. So, NO NO NO!!!

Let see what we have in this eroge. Really cliche plot. Unresponsible father that suddenly disappeared. some heroines that suddenly came to live with the protagonist. One of heroines that ordering the proganist to get her pregnant. This eroge is really bad, so It’s NO too for me.

Next is Shuki Shuki Daishuki!!. first of all, LET THE LOLI PARADISE BEGIN!!!  It’s a loli game, so I’m sure pedophile or loli lover will love this game.  I’m not a pedophile and loli lover. Also, I’m sure this game is nukige, so no thanks.

I thought you will play this one because all characters in this game are loli and recently you took a like on loli.

Since when I took a like on loli? I don’t hate loli, but I never took a like on loli.

Then what about Nikaidou Shinku? Recently you took a like on her and she is a loli too.

That’s true she is a loli, but I took a like on her not because she is a loli okay. This is just for confirmation so you don’t misunderstand it since you’re amazingly almost always misunderstand something that even sometimes give me a headache.

Next is Chiccha Love Apart. More loli and I’m sure this game is nukige. I’m not a pedophile and loli lover, so no thanks too for this game.

Games like these should come with a built in program that automatically alerts the authorities upon install, thus allowing apprehension and subsequent castration of the offending criminal.

Nagi, at least don’t copy other people’s rant.

But this is the best way to describe this loli eroge and the one before. I agree with Zen there. To be honest, I think every loli eroge should have that automatic alerts so people that play this kind of eroge know the risk if they play this kind of eroge.

Next is Ninna-chan Lovely Life. Okay, another loli and 100+ H-scenes. I can only see this one turn out as Nukige. So Nope for me!!

This eroge also should come with that automatic alert. I wonder why there are still companies that make eroge like this?

The answer is easy. That’s because there are many pedophile and loli lover out there who willingly to spend their money to buy this kind of eroge and fulfill their desire.

I can see this world begin heading to the destruction now.

Next is Out Vegetables. If this eroge isn’t SLG Eroge, I definitely won’t put this one in my backlog. Its story kinda looks bad, but because it’s SLG Eroge, that’s okay. Probably I will overlook it because story comes second for SLG Eroge. From what Micchi said, looks like its gameplay is kinda interesting, so probably I will try this eroge, but for now it will be in my backlog.

If this eroge isn’t SLG Eroge, I definitely throw this eroge into garbage and don’t care it anymore. The concept is kinda weird and that “immoral wish” and “perverted wish” looks nonsense and only make this looks more bad than before. If this eroge is ADV Eroge, I would rather forget this eroge exist than remember this eroge exist because of how bad it looks. Glad that this eroge is SLG Eroge, so there is a reason why remember this eroge exist………….a little. No again for me.

Next is Scramble Lovers. *facepalm*. I already saw many times this cliche plot before. It just make me wondering if they’re even trying to make something good or not. Well, because the story doesn’t look interesting for me, it’s nope.

Really cliche plot and really cliche characters. I see. No wonder you facepalmed to this eroge, Will. Is this the best that Aries can made? If this is really the best one, They’re definitely out of ideas now. This plot is the usual cliche plot to set up the protagonist to make out with heroines, so I think I would rather forget this one exist. Also, try better next time Aries.

Next is Harvest OverRay. Is this eroge spin off of Sakigake or Cocoro@Function or what? Its plot really sounds like Sakigake in a way, and Cocoro@Function too in a way. Spin off of those two or not, its plot doesn’t looks good and interesting to read, So pass for this one.

Another blablabla Reality setting huh? First Sakigake with that Virtual Reality, now this eroge with its Augmented Reality. I don’t care with blablabla Reality setting, but this eroge probably is one of unforgivable eroge. Not only it’s a really terrible spin off, it’s also wasting its great setting so much from how it looks. I really just want to forget this one exist already. Too much poison already that this eroge gave to me.

Next is Love Relation. Boring and kinda ridiculous story, boring art, boring characters, really boring Opening video. Too many boring things in this eroge that even made my interest is at the bottom of valley where its bottom isn’t seen at all. Pass and try again next time.

Because of how boring this eroge, it just make me really boring to write something about this eroge. I agree with WIll. So many fu**ing boring things in this game! It just make me wondering are they even trying to make at least something decent or not. Pass too.

Next is Reminiscence Re:Collect. Its story looks really interesting and definitely looks different than story that I usually see in eroge. Besides that, my favorite heroine in this eroge, Kurayashiki Kazuha, looks like will be the main focus in this sequel of Reminiscence. Since there are reasons why I have to play this game, this eroge is definitely in my “Definitely Playing” list for this month. Also, this eroge is also definitely in one of my Eroge Spotlight for this month.

Don’t care much with this eroge. Now I’m getting bored because of how boring the previous eroge.

Last is Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki.I think its story looks better than story in decent eroge. Actually, I’m not that interested with it first and it’s in my “backlog” list. But after watching its 2nd Opening Video, I’m interested to play this one. There are some things in it that made me interested to play this eroge. So, I will play this eroge after Reminiscence Re:Collect for this month. Also, it’s one of my Eroge Spotlight too for this month. Btw, I think Koi ga Saku also helped making this month eroge releases turned into Loli Paradise Month Eroge Releases because one of its heroines is a loli (Tina, the love fairy). Glad that AstralAir got delayed to July. If AstralAir released in this month too………………It will be full scale Loli Paradise.

“A girl who cannot fall in love. A boy who has no interest in love. If they end up falling in love with each other, how will the world change?” How will the world change? The answer is…………..NOTHING. Even if there is a change, it’s only a really little change to this world and will be forgotten as soon as possible. A girl who cannot fall in love and a boy who has no interest of love that end up falling in love with each other can make the world change is just some of their nonsense to make people interested to play it. The boy and the girl aren’t god or something like Suzumiya Haruhi, so no way something like that can make the world change. Now its story just looks full of nonsense after I read that in its synopsis. Because of that, it’s no for this eroge. Btw, I agree with Will that Koi ga Saku helped making this month Eroge Releases turned into Loli Paradise Month Eroge Releases. The reason is the loli in Koi ga Saku, Tina, The (Self Proclaimed) Love Fairy.

It looks you’re having a deep grudge against Koi ga Saku now.

Okay, that’s all for talk about June 2014 Eroge Releases. I can’t wait to play Reminiscence Re:Collect in this month, but before that, I have to finish Reminiscence first.

Good for you that you have eroge to play for this month eroge releases, Will. Meanwhile, I don’t have any eroge to play for this month eroge releases. Most of them are boring and not interest me to play them and some of them are just not my type of eroge.

Well, let’s hope for a better list of Eroge Releases in next month Eroge Releases. By the way, information for everyone. I will post Getchu’s April 2014 Vote Result today at the fastest and the slowest tomorrow.



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