Eroge Impression – Majo Koi Nikki

Will is here and today I’m here to tell my impression so far to the newest eroge that I play, Majo Koi Nikki. But before that, first, it’s been 3 months since I opened this blog. I never thought it’s 3 months already. Time walks kinda fast when I don’t feel it.

Back to Eroge that I will talk about this time. I decided to play Majo Koi Nikki because one of the writer of Majo Koi Nikki is Niijima Yuu-sensei. I really respect him as writer, so of course I won’t miss to play eroge that have him as writer. I finished common route (Prologue) in Majo Koi Nikki a week ago, but because of RL stuff and university stuff like assignments and tests, I can write about my impression about Majo Koi Nikki so far now. Not took that long to finish its common route. If i remember, probably I took 4-6 hours to finish its common route.

Well, here are my impression about Majo Koi Nikki

Maybe there is a little spoiler in my impression, so read at your own risk

First of all, let’s begin my impression about Majo Koi Nikki from its story. Remember that my impression on its story so far is based only on its common route (and probably along with some heroine story).

I think it’s been a while since the last time I read eroge that really interesting and didn’t get me bored even once. Probably since I read Natsuyume Nagisa I think. 9.5 out of 10 from me for its common route (prologue). To be honest, I think the story is really great, but kinda complicated and confusing. Sometimes a question mark appeared above me because of how confusing it’s. Well, Majo Koi Nikki has mystery in it, so it’s natural if people get confused with its story. That’s how story that has mystery works after all. If you planned to play Majo Koi Nikki, I hope you ready for having many questions about it in your mind.

For me, I think Majo Koi Nikki‘s story common route (prologue) divided into two parts. The first one is Reality part where Alice is the protagonist (though she is also one of main heroine in Majo koi Nikki, since it’s from her view, I think she is the protagonist for this part). The other one is Diary part where Takumi is the protagonist. Kinda reminds me of Clover Day’s, but it’s still really different from Clover Day’s. Btw, I’m surprised to see H-scenes so early in common route (prologue), moreover it had 4 H-scenes already just in common route (prologue). Maybe I got surprised, because I never played eroge that has H-scenes so early in common route (excluding route) before. Also, the joke in Majo Koi Nikki is kinda weird, but really funny. Some of those jokes are………….

Mario Kart Joke

Probability Joke

If you understand what they said there above, I’m sure you will be laughed for sure. There are many kind of joke in Majo Koi Nikki, but only those jokes that I can told to you. If you want to know more, just play Majo Koi Nikki.

Opening video of Majo Koi Nikki is great. Though its music still not in Hatsuyuki Sakura level, Its music (Including BGM, OP song, and ED song) is also great too.

Move to character. First is the protagonist, Sakurai Takumi. He isn’t only just a pervert, but also 100% playboy. Well, I think it’s kinda rare to see a playboy protagonist, maybe since playboy protagonist usually hated by most of people in my opinion, so that kind of protagonist rarely used as protagonist. But somehow they success make me liking him (the protagonist in Majo Koi Nikki) instead of hating him. Somehow I think he is amazing as protagonist and also somehow I salute him for what he did. he looks kinda badass playboy because of what he did. I also like his character design because his design is really fit with his playboy nature. His character design really show that he is really a playboy.

For heroines, there are 6 heroines in Majo Koi Nikki. the heroine that also the protagonist in the Reality Part, Nanno Alice. Tokeizaka twins, Tokeizaka Rei and Tokeizaka Kanon, the transfer student and the (self proclaimed) nun and angel , Suou Hijiri. The class president, Kashiwabara Mii. And The kuudere and mysterious girl, Fujita Konron.

Heroines in Majo Koi Nikki are really cute, especially Kanon and Rei. They’re just too cute that even make me want to take them as my imouto. Still my favorite heroine is Konron. Also, I thought I will hate Hijiri for sure, but I’m wrong. At least, I can say that I don’t hate her because though she is weird, she is really funny. Her weirdness that made her really funny.

I think my character rank for Majo Koi Nikki so far are like this:

Konron > Kanon > Mii = Rei = Alice >> Hijiri

That character rank can change because I’m in Hijiri’s story so far (Cinderella Story chapter 2 finished). That means there are still some heroines story left that I don’t read yet (Including Hijiri’s story since I still don’t finish it).

Here are some scene in Majo Koi Nikki:

No, it’s not lewd novel. It’s lewd diary.

This diary called as Majo Koi Nikki

I’m sure most of you know where this will lead up.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE TAKUMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

What a sudden development there.

Sakura viewing. LOL Rei with sake on her hands, Kanon and Hijiri singing, and poor Mii stripped by Rei

KYUUBEY………….I mean, BARAGON!!!!!

Mahou Shoujo……..I mean, Majo Shoujo plot??

That’s all for my Eroge Impression on Majo Koi Nikki. I definitely will finish this eroge for sure since it’s really interesting (and from Niijima Yuu too). Most likely, I will make a review about this eroge after I finish it.

Also, next I will prepare this month Eroge Spotlight (including Eroge Spotlight for this month). I will release all Eroge Spotlight in this month, in this week. After that, some other talks that related with eroge.


12 thoughts on “Eroge Impression – Majo Koi Nikki

  1. So have you taken a look at gangrelion and Zanaca’s video review on this title? The way they present the main points of this game and then “insult” it is so funny that I’m still laughing like a retard after watching it over 30 times.

    Honestly, the Nijima Yuu hype wasn’t that great for me. I’ve went through Gold Star and HatsuSaku, but as you remember I didn’t really have too great of an experience, and I’m not surprised that I already hate the protagonist of this title here as well.

    Hey, all I can say for this game is that it’s just another nukige that I’ll probably save the CGs for because one of my friends is an absolute fan of Ryouka. Other than that, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve wasted your valuable time on this game…

    • Yeah, I already look at it after he released it. I laughed hard when watching their review about Majo Koi Nikki. Actually, I don’t have any objection with their opinion since what they said are true, but I think they only talked really little.from the overall of the game and his review kinda pointed out its negative side only.

      I still kinda understand for Gold Star, but I still don’t really understand for HatsuSaku for you. I know that you didn’t really have great experience with it, but I still don’t understand with your score to HatsuSaku. That score I think is kinda unreasonable for someone who didn’t have great experience with it.

      The only I can say to you is you’re completely wrong if you’re thinking that Majo Koi Nikki is just another nukige. Well, I’m sure that you include Majo Koi Nikki because of there are 4 H-scenes already in the prologue. Actually, there is a certain reason why there are 4 H-scenes already in the prologue and that reason will be answered in later story. I’m playing it, so at least I can say for sure that Majo Koi Nikki isn’t nukige.
      Also, I’m sorry to say that I’m not wasting my valuable time on this game. I think this is the best eroge that released in May 2014 Eroge Releases.

      • There’s definitely a reason why you say that this was the best 2014 Eroge release for May.

        Let’s hear it! While it doesn’t need to be a full-fledged review, I still need to know of SOME of your logic for me to understand your point that this “nukige” is actually a good story. (Or some other factor that makes it a good story for you. I know there are plenty of people who only play nukige for the sex scenes)

        Hey, don’t get me wrong: nukige CAN be “good” as well (refer back to Pure/Innocent Girl). It’s just that for our “God” Yuu-sensei, his attempt at something new like this didn’t end up well.

        As for HatsuSaku, I’m sure we’ll be repeating ourselves, so let’s just say that our standards are immensely different.
        Not to be rude, but there’s a “rubric” that I follow when giving scores to these games. If you consider me a teacher grading a student’s paper on religion, HatsuSaku might be that one student who has flawless arguments, but goes against my religion.

        • Actually to understand why Majo Koi Nikki actually a good story, I think the best way is play it since most of the reason why it’s a good story is hard to say it in word, but this is the best that I can say why it’s a good story.

          First, Its story is different and original. Though it looks cliche at first (because of its synopsis), it become more original later. Kinda like NatsuNagi and HatsuSaku where it looks cliche from outside (from its synopsis), but looks so original from inside (after you’re playing it). Definitely not kind of story that usually used in eroge. I think that’s a plus for it since they go out from “safe zone”.
          In my Eroge Spotlight about Majo Koi Nikki before, I said that Majo Koi Nikki has a lot of mystery in it, and………yeah, it has a lot of “mystery”. I think the mystery in Majo Koi Nikki that plays a major role in making it really interesting so far (for me). The “mystery” in it is great and makes me have many question and always curious about it. When one question solved, another question about it will come later. (Another plus for it)
          But because it has a lot of “mystery”, the story become complex. Because of it, sometimes I got confused with its story. Well, I think that’s how story that has mystery in it work. (So I think probably it’s a plus and negative at the same for it).
          Though its story has a lot of “mystery” in it, its story has a good balance between mystery and comedy. Comedy in story is important too I think. I think the comedy in it is also really good and most of comedy in it I think looks original, but some of them are kinda weird. There are few comedy that doesn’t look good though (Another plus and negative at the same time I think)
          Last, I’m still not sure for this, but it looks like its story is a story that already planned from the beginning. Well, I need to finish it to make sure about this one.

          First of all, I never said that Yuu-sensei is “God”. There is a certain reason why I really respect him, but I don’t think him as “God”. Also that’s your own opinion that his attempt at something new like this didn’t end up well. I think his attempt at something new like this did end up well since Majo Koi Nikki is doing really well so far.
          Well, I don’t have any objection with nukige like Pure Girl and Innocent Girl since they had “story”.

          I see. Though I’m not that sure if I understand what you said about giving scores to HatsuSaku……..well, okay.

          • So I took the time to read through your reply a couple of times to see if I can understand your points.

            I’m getting impression with your words that you are unable to express yourself as clearly as you’d like, because of the possibility of spoiling the story. That’s completely fine and I respect you for that.

            You did, however, include a keyword “mystery”.

            With just the summary on VNDB, I can only see this as a nukige. This is because the “Diary” which is the initiator for the story and a very impotant element, contains the protagonist’s “sex” life
            In addition to this, the protagonist is either mentally very weak (so he tries to have sex with every girl he meets) OR he NEEDS sex to survive (nukige). I don’t know what’s with Nijimura Yuu and his weak-ass protagonists: They’re unique, but weak.

            Point number 3. The diary: Alice picks it up, right?
            What next? Why do the other characters appear? They all need to be connected somehow back to the diary, and as we all know, Takumi’s sex life. If the heroines weren’t connected to Takumi’s sex life (aka, Diary), then you have a story that jumps in and out of its main plot.

            At this point, I caved in and read this person’s “review” as well:

            It actually sounds really similar to HatsuSaku and Gold Star’s flow, which allows me to make the above conclusions.

            Now, we get to “what games are good”.
            In my definition, “good games” leave you with a feeling of satisfaction when you finish it. You might learn a thing or two from it (whether it’s morals, reasoning, or how to make bombs), and in “enforced playing order” games such as this one, you really need to be able to say “…Wow, that was a nice game” when you finish with the true/final route.

            Let’s use your keyword against you. Mystery, you stated, was both a good and bad, but you fail to acknowledge something that other players point out: holes in the story and ambiguity throughout everything.

            All of this is bundled up with me ignoring the argument that “you might be biased towards this story due to your past experience with Nijimura Yuu stories”

            In total, Nijimura Yuu seems to be very good at designing heroines or writing in their perspective, but completely incompetent at creating a good, moral, and strong protagonist. With both HS and GS behind me, it’s not hard to see that the “badboy” protagonist will suddenly become “Mr. Popular” for the wrong reasons and the “romance” that exists in the game are all unexplained (maybe with the exception of the true route)

            In reality, when I read your words for the first time, I genuinely thought your word “unique” referred to the story’s protagonist actually being immoral or “evil” (similar to HatsuSaku). I really hope I’m wrong with this analysis.

            Finally, the quote unquote “God” Yuu-sensei was a satirical comment on my part. He is above average at best, but nothing to earn 9/10 and 10/10s on a game he probably plastered up in a few months without much planning… which brings me to the next point.

            I apologize in advance for laughing at your “this game is doing pretty well” statement, which is probably due to both EGS and VNDB being full of “Nijimura-lovers” and/or “Dumb-people-who-can’t-explain-why-they-like-a-game”.

            Don’t believe me? Think of games that are universally considered “good” (ex. Mashiroiro Symphony) and a game like this that has undeniably divided opinions. Perhaps if you can realize the difference between the two games, you might be opted to write up full-fledged reviews like the rest of us.

            Woo! That got a bit long. Hey, if you feel like I’m creating walls of text on your blog, feel free to just trash it after reading it. You’re the only one who I direct these words anyway.

          • That’s a really long reply there. Well, here comes a really long reply from me. 😀
            btw, thanks for respecting that.

            From what I read, I’m completely sure that you can only see Majo Koi Nikki as a nukige, not only with just from its synopsis on VNDB. I’m sure it’s mixed with some people’s opinion about it (Unless, it’s your wild thought).
            Also, at least I can say that he didn’t NEEDS sex to survive. I’m not sure if he is either mentally very weak or not, but at least I know the feeling of loneliness that Takumi feels since I also experience it too. But don’t lump me with Takumi okay. I’m definitely not kind of person that go out the town, flirting some girls in the town, and last have a sex with one of girl that I flirt.
            Btw, Takumi doesn’t try to have sex with every girl he meets. The correct I think is Takumi try to have sex with every girl he choose.

            Yes, Alice picks the diary up after it dropped from the clock tower. Then she brought it to her home and read it.
            Why do other characters appear?? You mean “why do other characters appear in the diary right?? Sorry, but I can’t answer that for now because my memory is kinda vague about that. I’m not that sure, but probably the answer for that explanation is in Tokeizaka SIsters story part 1 since that story connected with the prologue. So, I need to reread again, but I will do that later after I finish it.

            I only disagree about Mii’s story and Ren’s story in that review. I think Mii’s story was good. Meanwhile, Ren’s story is pretty boring. Glad she is just side character.

            Like HatsuSaku’s flow…………….probably yes, probably no. Like GoldStar’s flow, I don’t play it so I don’t know.

            Well, I think I agree with your definition of good games in a way or more. Btw, though story plays important role on making games called good or not, don’t ever forget the other aspect, like art, music, etc (Especially since we’re talking about VN here). It’s not good to see something just from one side. You must also see it from other sides.
            Also LOL at “how to make bombs”. Juukishi is a really good eroge to know how to make “bombs” LOL.

            I’m not fail to acknowledge those things. I purposely not mention about those things because I’m still not finish it yet. I don’t want to talk about those things before I finish it because I don’t want to tell some wrong statement. You fail to realize that I’m still not finish it yet. -_-

            Ummmmm……….Who is Nijimura? I only know Niijima, not Nijimura.
            Okay, I’m just kidding there.
            Well, I’m not sure if I might be biased towards this story due to my past experience with Niijima Yuu’s stories or not, But I always trying to be honest with my opinion. So even if it’s from Niijima Yuu or other popular writers, if it’s bad or boring, I will say it’s bad or boring.

            Probably he is incompetent at creating a good, moral, and strong protagonist or probably that kind of protagonist is his favorite protagonist.. Well, I would rather we don’t continue talking about he is incompetent at creating that kind of protagonist or not.
            Also, I want to know your definition of good, moral, and strong for protagonist.

            Yep, you’re wrong. My “Unique” word doesn’t mean that you know. “Unique” for me doesn’t mean must be immoral or “evil”. It depends on the situation I call it “Unique” or not.

            Well, I won’t comment about your opinion about Niijima Yuu-sensei since it’s opinion after all. If I comment, there is a chance we will lead up arguing about it.
            Also, for your own safety, don’t ever said full of “Niijima-lovers” and/or “Dumb-people-who-can’t-explain-why-they-like-a-game”. Especially in VNDB and EGS. It doesn’t mean that I’m angry here.

            Last, I’m not that sure, but looks like you hate Niijima Yuu-sensei for certain reason. Well, that’s what I feel from your comments.

    • I don’t know how, or why, or when, or who, but I somehow found myself reading this long series of comments between the two of you at exactly 12:56pm (GMT +12:00) because it was long and looked sorta interesting.

      So if the two of you don’t mind, I have some thoughts in regards to your conversation as a whole.

      …screw it. I’m gonna say it even if you two do mind =D

      -I think it’s pretty fair to say that Majo Koi’s general feel would rule it out as a nukige. It’s true that nukige can have a good story, but they tend to have a clear focus on H-scenes. I wouldn’t classify Majo Koi as a nukige because it has a clear focus on story, and the H-scenes are really added for amusement. At most I would say that Majo Koi’s number of H-scenes rivals that of SOME nukige.

      -Given that I’ve finished the game, I can say that the mystery element of the game is quite good. The story did have been wondering how things fit it in with the overall plot, and why certain things were in some way, which I liked. However, like others, I felt that the story had holes, and was left somewhat incomplete. I still have some unanswered questions about the game, but being the person I am, I can accept that the game wasn’t perfect. However, I did enjoy the ride ^^.

      -As more details about the game, the prologue gives us a very broad view of Takumi, and how he interacts with several of the heroines. However, we discover these events are fractions of a bigger picture, and we’re left wondering how the events in the prologue fit into the whole story. Along with this, the events of the diary talk about Takumi, who doesn’t seem to exist outside the diary, even though the diary makes mention to the heroines who DO exist in real life. I am much too lazy to get into more details, but the game does get you wondering, and the slice of life stuff is nice too ^^.

      -I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I suppose a reason why people enjoy Niijima Yuu’s protagonists is because they’re different. Niijima Yuu game’s are pretty much slice of life games, with SOME mystery. With your typical slice of life game, you’re probably looking at a protagonist who’s a proactive goody two-shoes (e.g. Shingo from Mashiiro). And I mean, that’s fine because it’s not like the protagonist “defines” the game. However, with Majo Koi and Hatsuyuki, we get protagonists who don’t act like your typical protagonist. So my guess is that people find this “fresh” because we’re seeing familiar scenes getting “wrecked” by unorthodox behaviour from the protagonist.

      -I don’t think fair to say that Mashiiro Symphony is “universally” considered good. I remember talking with a few people who didn’t really like the game. I myself, only really liked Airi’s and Sakuno’s routes. And I know, when you (joyjason) say “universally”, you probably mean “generally”. If that’s the case, I would say that in general, Majo Koi can be considered good. Looking at the EGS score graphs for BOTH games (Mashiiro and Majo Ko), they both look pretty much the same.

      -Will, you have to admit that Joyjason’s comment about “Niijima-lovers” and/or “Dumb-people-who-can’t-explain-why-they-like-a-game” DOES hold some truth. However, I do think that the second comment is a bit harsh…given that I probably fall under that category >____>. In my personal view, I would say that there are two category of gamers; those who enjoy the ride, and critics. Will and I probably lean towards the former, whereas Joyjason is clearly more towards the latter. Now I don’t think either category is bad, and believe the community NEEDS both. However, let us remember that games are to be enjoyed, and that all this time arguing or writing long as comments can be otherwise used to play games =D.

      -I totally disagree with Will’s comment on Ren’s route. I thought she was an awesome heroine, who was wasted as a side heroine. Although I can’t really imagine how she would fit into the main story >____>. However, I felt that they did a very good job with her route given the length of it.

      -Will, Joyjason doesn’t hate or dishate (LOL) Niijima Yuu; he’s just critiquing his work.

      And now I’m tried. I’m gonna go relax by replaying some of Dracu-riot.

      • – I agree with you about “I wouldn’t classify Majo Koi as a nukige”. Just as you said, Majo koi Nikki definitely has a clear focus on story. if you read it, you can say that for sure. Still, it will be a different thing if only just reading common route.

        – I still don’t finish majo Koi Nikki, so I can’t talk about holes or ambiguity in story for now. At least, I can say that I agree with you that the mystery in Majo Koi Nikki is quite good, but the mystery itself that makes the story become complex and confusing

        – Sounds a mystery there. Well, I agree too with you about the prologue.

        – That is what I really want to say about Niijima Yuu’s protagonist. Niijima Yuu’s protagonist like in HatsuSaku and Majo Koi is completely different than kind of protagonist that we “usually see” in eroge. I mean, do you ever see protagonist like Hatsuyuki or Takumi in other eroge (excluding nukige)? No right. Well, maybe sometimes you will see protagonist like Hatsuyuki or Takumi in other eroge, but still definitely not see them as many as kind of protagonist that we “usually see” in eroge. People usually tend to get bored when see something that they usually see. I think because of that, people find Niijima Yuu’s protagonist “fresh”.
        btw Aero, you’re right that Niijima Yuu’s game are slice of life + some mystery. I don’t know for Comming x Humming, but NatsuNagi, Kisaragi, HatsuSaku, and Majo Koi are definitely game with slice of life + some mystery.

        – No comments, but i agree with you, Aero. Mashiro Iro and Majo Koi score are about same, though Majo koi win in median score by 1 point so far.

        – That’s true it hold some truth. but “Niijima-Lovers” isn’t general and probably there aren’t many people that are “Niijima-Lovers”. I mean let say between 100 people that play Majo Koi, probably only 5%-10% are “Niijima-Lovers” It will be different case if it’s “Boobs-lovers” (*cough* Clochette *cough*) or “Loli-Lovers” or “Moe-Lovers” since it’s more general. Also I agree with you that the second is a bit harsh. Not all or many people are “Dumb-people-who-can’t-explain-why-they-like-a-game”. Well, I’m not angry since it holds some truth and also I think I fall to the first category since I respect Niijima Yuu-sensei as writer (Since I’m trying to become a mangaka or writer in the future).

        – Probably Ren’s story is pretty boring when I read it maybe because I read her story at midnight and I also begin to get sleepy to at that time. Also, I want to finish her story in one go at that time. Well, I will try to reread her story later. Maybe my opinion about her story will change later. Still, i think Ren’s story is a pretty standard story. Btw, Ren kinda reminds me of one of heroines in PxC since she is also a movie lover.

        – i just telling my feeling there. I’m not a perfect being, so my feeling can be wrong too.

      • Point taken, and I appreciate you for coming onto this series of replies to be the “intervene”, Aero.

        My analysis of Majokoi = nukige comes from the fact that the diary lists primarily of Takumi’s sex life (or that’s what I heard from other players). The mere fact that it even has the sex life stories in it (even it’s not the primary factor in the diary) makes it seem as if the protagonist is just a sex maniac or at least a perverted womanizer -> nukige.

        I do agree that the H-scene count does rival some other nukige, and that’s another clue for me to make the analysis that majokoi = nukige (note that I still have not played this game, nor will I ever do so)

        Since I don’t really plan on playing this game, would you mind if you provided an example of a “mystery” or “slice of life” that the game provides? I’m going to be really strict and rule out the obvious, like who the diary belongs to, and who Takumi really is (because that question is answered in every other review you come across).
        Unfinished elements are also another minus for me, unfortunately, since that’s one of my huge pet peeves in any story for that matter (note that another game called Sugar + Spice had this element and I gave it a relatively low score for it)

        Conversely, the reason why I avoid Nijima Yuu’s works is probably that very reason: I hate the protagonist in one way or another. I don’t care of the protagonist is “unique” in the sense that they’re demons or “evil”. I want them to be very strong, full of ideals, and willing to fight for it.
        Even for Hatsusaku, it just needs ONE scene where the protagonist destroys everything, regrets it, and bam! bad end.
        Same with this game. He might be portrayed as the “bad guy”. Hey, I’m completely okay with that and even welcome it to a certain extent. It’s just that when it comes to him needing sexual activity, he’s a protagonist that we (real life players) can’t really relate to, and has girls falling for him for no reason -> sex.

        Let’s add the final touch that even if he was “kind at heart” like Hatsuyuki was, that’s just another tsundere protagonist that I really don’t like.

        So in essence: proactive, strong, and kind protagonist or it’s probably not a great story (at least for me)

        As with everything in life, some people will be the “exception”. Unfortunately for them, it’s their influence that determines their value. Even if there are 9 out of 10 people who say anime X is good, and the other 1 out of 10 people say the opposite, if the people who favor the anime can’t PROVE it or support their argument, they’re pretty much worthless (Yes, I’m looking at you, SAO, Kyoujin, and Madoka)
        That’s why unless the people who vote 10s (100) and 9s (90-100) on VNDB/EGS write up a full fledged review why the game receives this score, they will always be “less influencial” to the overall game’s value than a simple review writer like myself.

        In that sense, I say Mashiroiro Symphony is “universally” good because the people who think it’s bad simply don’t state why it’s bad, or they do but their logic doesn’t make sense.
        Simply put, they’re equivalent to sore losers spilling insults or whining: I really don’t want to add them to the headcount.

        Of course, I could be wrong in this assumption. If you find a review that logically and carefully analyzes the game and gives it a bad rating, let me know. I’d like to take a look.

        Aero, I do not include you when I use the term “dumb-people-who-can’t-explain-why-they-like-a-game”. Regardless of what you say, I do see an effort to express yourself most of the time, and frankly, I think you are already fully comptent as a writer of reviews for that matter.

        I see Nijima Yuu as a double-edged sword. His comedy present in at least Hatsuyuki is one of the best, at least worthy of deserving a 9/10. I can assure both of you that if he comes out and just goes with the flow by creating a “strong but evil” protagonist and a story revolving around him, I will be drooling all over that game like a child drooling over a popsicle

        Last, a question to Aero. I still haven’t played Dracu-riot. I’m sure the Yuzusoft god will hate me for being so delayed on its titles, but would you say it’s a relatively “good” game to play probably after sakusaku? (Currently going through Sorahane)

        …….aaaaaand that got really long.

    • If I don’t finish Majo Koi Nikki before June 2014 Eroge Releases, probably I will download Reminiscence Re:Collect after it’s released and play it later after I finish Majo Koi Nikki first, then Reminiscence.
      I’m on long holiday too now, so I have much free time to play. 😀

  2. That’s a wall of Now I start to wonder if this is what Niijima really wanted.
    I also finished Majokoi awhile ago, and I can’t say I like this game. It certainly did provide me with a unique experience with its style of storytelling as well as the structure, but still. Before I begin, let me be clear that I am not trying to bash or criticize anyone here whether they play this game or not regardless of views.

    First, the protagonist, he is the type where either you will feel sympathies for or outright hate him (and the former is only possible if you actually play the game) One thing for sure, he is not the right material to be a protagonist in an eroge, to me he is like a nukige protagonist thrown in a story-based game. He is also unique in this sense in that there are no “fixed” views on him, unlike most who are viewed as hetare or is very proactive. He is like a combination of both.

    Second thing I really couldn’t accept is the plot’s vagueness Niijima decide to throw in our face. Brace yourselves if you are going for the second ending, it is not something readily acceptable. I can only interpret it as a middle finger from Niijima to the readers.

    Third thing, probably it is because of budget issues, there are alot of scenes with alot of reused CGs (yes, H scenes). Some completely different character shares the same SPRITE, voice and I don’t even wanna think about the revelation regarding Alice. Overall it is a really good twist but it also makes you questioning about logic there (although you are not supposed to in an Eroge).

    Overall, I think it was an decent read (namely the heroines are cute) and provides a good mystery/resolution but this will be also be my first and final Niijima title.

    Speaking of Nukige, there is Harumade Kururu, a title that will blow you out of the water if you jump in expecting a Nukige(The Nukige part is actually true but it is only the surface), you can enjoy it if you can stomach through 15 H scenes in the prologue.(no kidding)

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