Eroge Talk – RPG Turns Month (July 2014 Eroge Releases)

I’M BACK!!!!! First of all, I’m really sorry that I’m not really active on post something on my blog lately. I’m having a holiday in my hometown now (because of Ramadan month) and I can’t connect as much as I want here.

Micchi already released July 2014 Eroge Releases last month. Looking at the list of this month eroge releases……………I think that title is kinda fit for this month eroge releases since there are quite many RPG eroge released in that month.

Well, I’m sure most of you already see July 2014 Eroge Releases in Micchi’s blog. If you still don’t see it, just click at the link that I prepare for you down here. You will be directed to July 2014 Eroge Releases post in Micchi’s blog if you click it.

July 2014 Eroge Releases

Okay let’s rant……….I mean let’s talk about July 2014 Eroge Releases.

I’m fired up to talk now after have that holiday for long time that feels short.

We begin this talk from the newest eroge from Whirlpool, Girls in Black. Oh, it’s eroge version of MIB. Looking at its synopsis and its Opening, I’m sure this eroge will be full of comedy and most likely no drama in it. Its story doesn’t look bad, but doesn’t look good too. Besides that, no character that looks appealing to me. So this one is Nope for me.

Before I begin talking about this eroge, first let me recall all of Men In Black films (With using posters below this)

Damn, I still remember how funny and awesome those films. Compared to those films of MIB, this eroge version of MIB looks so bad. Poorly written, forgetable characters, decent art, and mediocre opening. Even the comparison between films of MIB and this eroge is like between heaven (Those films) and hell (this eroge). The only thing this eroge version of MIB wins to those films of MIB are sex scenes and those erotic moans from their heroines. To be honest, as one of MIB fans, I would rather this eroge never exist because this eroge is more like insulting MIB than parodying MIB for me. This eroge most likely will give me a cancer than satisfaction if I read it, so this eroge is definitely Nope for me.

Next is Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete SNOW PRESENTS from Pulltop. I see, because Cocoro@Function didn’t meet their expectation, Pulltop decided to milk KonoSora again. I hope this will be the last time they milk it. Because I like KonoSora, I add this to my Backlog.

Ah, I completely saw this coming from Pulltop, So I’m not surprised to see Pulltop goes back to KonoSora……again. Nope because that fandisc of KonoSora more than enough for me. Btw, what’s wrong with milking an eroge, Will? there is nothing wrong with milking an eroge right?

That’s true there is nothing wrong with milking a series, but the company will become depending too much on that eroge and it isn’t good if a company depends too much on an eroge. Just look at the company that made School Days. Because they can’t make eroge that as popular as School Days, they decided to milk School Days again……and again…….and again because they think they will get more money by milking School Days, but instead they got bankrupt. I don’t want to see that history repeated again to other company.

Pulltop still can be the next “Circus” company and made KonoSora become “Da Capo” though.

No, no more “Circus” company!! And No more “Da Capo” too!! I don’t want to see more “Circus” company and “Da Capo”!! One “Circus” company and “Da Capo” is more than enough for this world!!

Next year, announced, Pulltop newest eroge!! Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete II !! Release Date: blablabla 2015.


Okay, next is Change! ~Ano Musume ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ from May-Be SOFT. Ah, another nukige with so many ridiculous things. At least, this one isn’t a dark themed nukige that I really hate and this eroge should be glad that it doesn’t included into my “hate” zone. Also, looking at many aspects, I see they put some effort too on this eroge. Well, it isn’t bad to include nukige in backlog once in a while, so I will include this eroge in my Backlog.

Though this eroge is a nukige, This eroge looks so much better than other nukige. The idea looks really good and it looks interesting to play too. Moreover, a body swap with a girl!!! YES!!! I definitely play this eroge for this month, so this eroge is Definitely play for me.

If I remember, one of your favorite manga are Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo and Kampfer right?

Yup, you’re right. I really like them so much.

I see. Well, good for you that it’s a dream come true.

Next is Neko Masshigura ~Nekomimi Cafe ni Youkoso~ from KonekoSoft. Not interested with nekomimi nukige and I already got my “once in a while” nukige just before, so Nope for this eroge.

Nope. Don’t care with those nekomimi. Moreover, they don’t even explain or have excuse why there are those nekomimi in that cafe.

I’m sure you don’t care those nekomimi because body swapping is much more important than those nekomimi.

Ah, got busted right off the bat.

Next is Himegoto Union Motto H! ~Kan no Ni Kirishima Yuuki no Marshmallow Life~ from SEVEN WONDER. from what I see, this is just a fandisk for the sake of adding and putting more H-scenes. Nope.

I don’t care with its game and the same for its fandisk. It’s not even an eroge that worthy to have my care. Another nope.

Next is AstralAir no Shiroki Towa from FAVORITE. Between all eroge that released in July 2014, I think AstralAir that looks the most interesting. Its story looks really interesting. Moreover, the story in AstralAir written by Nakahiro (Hoshizora no Memoria) and  Hojou Kei (Witch’s Garden), so I can expect at least a good quality story from AstralAir. AstralAir have a great cast too. Corona!! Kotori!! Yuuki!! Ochiba!! Ichika!! Pettanko-sensei……I mean…Rinne!!! I really find myself hard to hate any of them because they don’t deserve to be hated. Its art is amazing too. Because it will be one of eroge that appear in my Eroge Spotlight for July, I won’t talk everything about it here. Also, AstralAir no Shiroki Towa is also one of my most anticipated eroge in this year besides Majo koi Nikki. DEFINITELY PLAY!!

You know, when there is a party, there is always an “after party” after the party ends. If you miss or still don’t have enough loli in the last month loli paradise party, you can join its after party in this month. One of eroge that will provide you the loli for that after party in this month is this eroge. Usually, I don’t want to play loli-ge because loli-ge is the type of eroge that I don’t like, but some got my expection and one that got my exception is eroge from FAVORITE. One of reason why eroge from FAVORITE got my expection is their eroge isn’t a fully loli-ge. Besides that, eroge from FAVORITE have a really good quality (you can see that from their records). Last, loli from FAVORITE have really good quaity, not like most of company that made fully loli-ge that can only put mediocre or bad quality loli into their game that also have mediocre or bad quality. Looking at this eroge pre initial phase (Synopsis, CG sample, and characters), so far it’s really good. So, this eroge is no doubt definitely play for me.

I agree with Nagi that eroge from FAVORITE and their loli have a really good quality, especially from Irotoridori series. SHINKU!!! >_<
Btw, I watched (not played okay) the trial version of AstralAir no Shiroki Towa in Youtube. So far, I found AstralAir amazing. Its story so far was great. Also, damn that BGM! I’m really looking forward to play it later.

Next is Gangsta Arcadia ~Hipparcos no Tenshi~ from WHITESOFT. Only interested with its Opening and its OP song. So after I download its Opening and its OP song, my business with this eroge is done. Don’t care with this eroge full game. Its story looks mediocre and to be honest, I think the best thing that this eroge have is its Opening and OP song (Though actually I think the Opening and OP song in its original are much better). Definitely Nope.

Another fandisk that not worthy to have my care. So Nope.

Next is Hitori no Qualia + Futari no Qualia from 10mile. Yuri lover out there, you should be happy because there is yuri visual novels are out in this month. Well, Yuri isn’t my cup of tea, so Nope.

Not my cup of tea too. Nope.

Next is Fraternite from CLOCKUP. I’m not sure if I will play this game or not. I’m kinda afraid that this game have a type of landmine that I don’t like. Its Opening doesn’t feel right because they put some HCG in that Opening, with that kind of OP song. Also this game feels really dark too somehow. For now I will put this eroge in my Backlog.

Looking at its synopsis, this eroge is a definitely dark themed eroge with a lot of H-scenes and moans. Also, this eroge is more like nukige than utsuge too. So, I think Nope for this eroge.

Next is Martopia from side-B. Like Out Vegetables, its system looks interesting, but its story looks suck. Backlog for now.

Huh…another poorly SLG eroge with mediocre or decent system and bad quality story. Somehow people never tired to make something wiith bad quality. I wonder when people will think about the balance of eroge quality in this world instead of game balance. The balance of eroge quality in this world is already really weak because there are countless mediocre quality eroge and bad quality eroge. Nope for this eroge.

Next is Kakurenbo ~Futari Dake no Himitsu no Jikan~ from Marble CandySoft. Not like AstralAir that is eroge that I think I must play, i think this eroge is eroge that I should avoid as far as possible. So, Nope.

SEE!!! SEE!!!! Just a little while ago, I talked about most of company that make loli-ge, made a mediocre or bad quality loli-ge and loli at AstralAir no Shiroki Towa and now we see one of example of that mediocre or bad quality loli-ge and loli. Again, another loli nukige with bad quality, no originality, and really forgettable loli heroines. If you’re pedophile or loli lover that looking for the after party of last month loli paradise party, probably this eroge that you’re looking for, but since I’m not pedophile nor loli lover…BIG NOPE!!! I really want to facepalm now.

Here let me help you.

Thanks for that third party facepalm.

Next is Gigai no Alruna from Debonosu works. Just another usual RPG eroge. Its game system and its story doesn’t look much interesting. I think Nope.

Just another typical RPG eroge that probably sacrifice its story quality for its mediocre system.  Also, don’t see anything to be noteworthy in this eroge. So Nope again.

Next is Shinsei Mokushiroku -Death March- from Xuse Honjouzou. At least looks more interesting than Gigai no Alruna, though the quality of this eroge is still kinda unsure. That field demonstration video and that story synopsis is still not enough for me to make sure this eroge quality.  So Backlog.

Huh………though it’s little better than the previous one, its quality still looks mediocre for me. At best, I can only see its quality reaches decent level, though the chance of it reaches decent level is very little. Still, another Nope.

Next is Hoshiori Yume Mirai from Tonework’s. The story looks pretty normal. Really really normal that I even don’t see anything good nor bad from its story. At least, looks like its story will be more realistic (since I think that’s the best for the story like Hoshiori). Its Opening is really good too. Characters in Hoshiori looks interesting too, especially the kouhai Sora and the classmate Rikka. The Osananajimi Marika and the senpai Misa are good too. Probably it will be a good read if I don’t have anything to read after AstralAir, so Backlog.

Really the most normal story between all normal story out there. Zen (from Hau Omochikaeri) said spread out and water down all elements as much as possible in an effort to generate mass appeal, but in the process lose any sense of soul that would have given the game that extra spice to stand out about this game. I completely agree with him because from what I see, they put normal cliche elements in this eroge as much as possible, thus the result, this eroge doesn’t have anything stand out, whether its good side nor its bad side (at least for its story). Still it’s much better than that MIB parody eroge, that three headed loli eroge, those boring SLG and RPG eroges that we see before, and those fandisks. The only thing that I’m afraid from this eroge is its H-scenes. From what Micchi said, they promise over 60 H-scenes in Hoshiori Yume Mirai. That makes the average is 10 H-scenes for each heroine. I’m kinda little afraid that it become charage like Hoshi no Ne Sanctuary. Backlog for this eroge.

Next is Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot from ALICESOFT. Well, it’s killing two birds with a stone for me and from ALICESOFT too. Backlog.

First Tenbin no La Dea, now this. Looks like remake on RPG is popular lately. Since it’s from ALICESOFT, that means it has some quality, not like those boring SLG and RPG eroge before. So Backlog.

Last is Love Revenge from DE@R. Just as Micchi said, this eroge is completely a slapstick romance title, with no much originality in the plot. Nothing much interesting from this eroge. Nope.

One word for this eroge. Nope. Also, to Zen. I also approve this war and I want to promote you as our captain for this war because we agree with your strategy in this war. But don’t forget with loli too since we want to stop the pedo plague spreading.

Hey, you’re targeting at wrong person! You should target at those pedophiles or loli lovers if you want to stop that pedo plague spreadin! Not those younger sisters, lolis, underclassmen, and childhood friends! They’re victim here, not the criminal!

Ah, you’re right Will! Kill those pedophiles and Loli lovers first!! As soon as they’re dead, move on to younger sisters, lolis, underclassmen, and childhood friends because they don’t have support anymore to counterattack us.

I regret told that to you.

Btw, who you will kill first in war, Will?

People that I will kill first in war is the one who try to claim my younger sister as his younger sister. Claiming my younger sister means war for me, so don’t ever dare to claim my younger sister. My younger sister is my younger sister, your younger sister is your younger sister. I promise I will give a nightmare that he will never forget if they try to claim my sister.

………………….looks like I’m asking the wrong question and I’m not sure if I already stepped on a landmine or not.

That’s all for talk about July 2014 Eroge Releases.

I will play Change as soon as possible. I wonder with whom I should change?

I Hope your (personal) dream come true there.


4 thoughts on “Eroge Talk – RPG Turns Month (July 2014 Eroge Releases)

  1. gustave154 says:

    Dood nice to see you back! Guess you are excited to play Astral Air huh?
    I’m playing it too and its the best favorite title IMO.
    I completed Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai and its not as bad as you think.
    Its a youth romance VN but its very high quality.
    Very good chara-ge and theres even an “After” story.
    Fraternite is VERY VERY dark and brutal so i suggest you stay away from it.

    • Thanks! ^_^
      I’m having a long holiday, so that’s why I didn’t post anything last month.
      Yup I’m really excited to play AstralAir. it’s one of my most anticipated eroge in this year besides Majo Koi Nikki. Also, I can see AstralAir become best FAVORITE title since its score in EGS is already 84 (or maybe 83?).
      After what you said about Hoshiori Yume Mirai, looks like me and Nagi have a reason to play it. Hoshiori score in EGS is great too (80 out of 100). Still, I definitely play AstralAir first. Then after I finish AstralAir, probably I will play Change or Hoshiori Yume Mirai. Also, I’m sure that Nagi go with Change first, then AstralAir, then Hoshiori.
      Now Nagi have a reason why he have to stay away from Fraternite as far as possible.

  2. Only thing worth noting is AstralAir here which I finished and loved. While it fails to surpass Irohika it is still the best game I played this year deserving a 85 score from me.

    • I agree a lot with you here. Most likely Eroge of the year.
      To be honest, even I think AstralAir no Shiroki Towa is much better than Majo Koi Nikki. There is a clear difference between those two that makes AstralAir better than MajoKoi.
      Btw, I’m still in Ochiba’s route in AstralAir.

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