Got Sidetracked With Other Games Besides Eroge Because Of My Habit

I’m sure it’s been about 3 months since the last time I post something in my blog. Well, I kinda busy, so that’s why I don’t post anything in this 3 months. Also, lately I don’t play eroge too. I don’t play eroge lately not because I lose my fashion to it, but I got sidetracked with other games that I just bought few weeks ago. Well, looks like I can’t erase my habit when comes to games. I’m sure probably some people already heard about my habit from myself, but I will tell about it again in this post.

About my habit, in my childhood days, I like to play wide range of games. RPG, Sport, FPS, Horror Survival, Strategy, and many other genre, I play all of them (or probably almost all of them). From that, now I’m realy accustomed with play wide range of games and it become a habit later. When a really good game regardless of its genre and I really want to play that game, most likely I bought (with considering my money too) and played that game. It all happened because of my habit that like to play wide range of games. Because of that habit, I don’t have any preference what kind of game genre that I don’t want to play or I hate and what kind of game genre that I usually like to play, exception for Eroge. Btw, don’t ask how wide the range of games that I played because it’s wider than you thought.

Do you want to know what games that makes me got sidetracked from Eroge. Well, here we go.

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