Got Sidetracked With Other Games Besides Eroge Because Of My Habit

I’m sure it’s been about 3 months since the last time I post something in my blog. Well, I kinda busy, so that’s why I don’t post anything in this 3 months. Also, lately I don’t play eroge too. I don’t play eroge lately not because I lose my fashion to it, but I got sidetracked with other games that I just bought few weeks ago. Well, looks like I can’t erase my habit when comes to games. I’m sure probably some people already heard about my habit from myself, but I will tell about it again in this post.

About my habit, in my childhood days, I like to play wide range of games. RPG, Sport, FPS, Horror Survival, Strategy, and many other genre, I play all of them (or probably almost all of them). From that, now I’m realy accustomed with play wide range of games and it become a habit later. When a really good game regardless of its genre and I really want to play that game, most likely I bought (with considering my money too) and played that game. It all happened because of my habit that like to play wide range of games. Because of that habit, I don’t have any preference what kind of game genre that I don’t want to play or I hate and what kind of game genre that I usually like to play, exception for Eroge. Btw, don’t ask how wide the range of games that I played because it’s wider than you thought.

Do you want to know what games that makes me got sidetracked from Eroge. Well, here we go.

Before I show games that makes me got sidetracked from Eroge, first I heard that SAGA PLANETS will release new eroge in March 2015. Let see……….The title name is Hanasaki Workspring!. Story check. Art check. Character check. Writer check. Artist check. Opening check

Final Opinion: In the deepest of my heart, I’m little disappointed with SAGA PLANETS‘s next title, though still probably I will play it. I agree with Micchi that most likely Hanasaki Workspring! will be charage. Though I’m okay with charage, I would rather see SAGA PLANETS do nakige or utsuge (like HatsuSaku and NatsuNagi).

Looks like SAGA PLANETS hire an unknown writer as main writer of Hanasaki Workspring! (Haneneko) since I can’t find his/her previous works. Too bad it’s not Niijima Yuu-sensei. Well, I’m sure most likely he is still under contract with Qoobrand since I kinda have a feeling that he will be the main writer for Qoobrand’s next title and Qoobrand’s next title is a summer themed eroge if he is the main writer. Nothing to comment with its Art and Character since it’s good enough.

Last, Opening. Now I’m 95% sure that Hanasaki Workspring is charage after watching its opening. Almost impossible that Hanasaki Workspring isn’t charage unless Hanasaki pull Natsuyume Nagisa. Well, I just hope that SAGA PLANETS will give me a really good birthday present for me with Hanasaki Workspring!.

Now, move to other games that makes me got sidetracked. Here are those other games.

First is Football Manager 2014. FM14 is a football management simulation video game. In this game, you become a manager and managing a certain football club where you hired as manager. Tactics, Team and Player Trainings, Transfers and salary, those three are just one of things from all things that you will manage in your club as manager. To be honest, this game really make me got hooked with it and what I like the most from this game is developing a youngster player to their maximum ability and make them become a star player. The happiness you got from that can’t be counted when you did it. Btw, Maybe one day I should try to become football manager and become the next Alex Ferguson or Pep Guardiola LOL. I’m just kidding there.

Oh wait!!!

F*CK!!!!!!!! A new one is already out!!!…………………….though it’s still beta version. Still I can’t wait to play it in my laptop later when its full version out.

Next is Alien Isolation. It’s a first-person survival horror stealth game. If you’ve ever played Amnesia or Slender, this game gameplay more or less like those two, though in Alien Isolation you have weapons to fight or distract the alien. This game is really good and have great graphic too, but there is one thing that I hate from this game. that ALIEN! It has really much better sense than human and android, run faster than the main character in this game, usually give me jumpscare, and what I hate the most from that alien is it can’t be killed though have flamethrower to fight against it and when I got killed by that alien when I’m really near with the”save station”.

Next is Stronghold Crusader 2. It’s a real-time strategy game. Since I play the first, I decided to buy and play this game too. I have a little problem with its gameplay because they made some change in its previous game and this game. At least, it’s much better than its previous game because SC2 have much better balance between economic and military aspect than SC

Next is Dead Rising 3. it’s an open world survival horror beat ’em up game. I play Dead Rising 2 before, so I decided to buy and play this game. To be honest, this is game is THE MOST EVER EPIC SURVIVAL HORROR GAME. Though DR3 don’t have jumpscare in it though it’s a survival horror game, it’s still amazing game. The unlimited choice of weapon in this game is the best aspect from this game. Even you can combine 2 weapons to become a new weapon that much stronger and deadlier. Dead Rising series continue their epicness with Dead Rising 3. Even DR3 100 times more epic than DR2 because I can even combine vehicles. DEFINITELY GAME OF THE YEAR 2014 FOR ME!!!

Last is The Evil Within. It’s a survival horror game. Though I already bought this game, I still don’t play this game. The reason why I bought this game because this game’s director is none other than Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil. Soon or later I definitely play this game.

Well, those are all games that makes me got sidetracked lately. Probably I will go hiatus from playing eroge for a while because of those games. Maybe I will play eroge again after I finish Alien Isolation, Dead Rising 3, and The Evil Within.


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