Welcome to my blog, Eien no Shiawase (永遠の幸せ). This is Manga and Eroge blogs since most likely I will talk about manga and visual novel (eroge) here. Sometimes when I’m in mood, I will talk about  other things besides manga and visual novel (eroge) too. The posts in here have the following categories (planned categories):

  • Eroge Impression – My impression on the eroge that I recently or currently played. This category contains my personal opinion about it. Your opinion may differ than my opinion.
  • Eroge Review – A review of eroge that I completely finished playing. This category also contains my personal opinion about it. Your opinion may differ than my opinion.
  • Eroge Spotlight – Each week, I choose 1 or 2 eroge that I want to promote to peoples to play it. Most likely eroge that got the spotlight will be eroge that will be released in their respective release month, depends on if they look promising or not.
  • Eroge Talk – My talk about eroge, besides impression, review, and spotlight
  • Manga Impression – My impression on the newest manga that I just read.
  • Manga Talk – My talk about manga, besides impression.
  • Other Talk – My talk about other things that doesn’t belong in one of any categories above

A note for people that read this, I also play all-ages eroge, but most likely I will not make a review of them. Also, I do play Nukige rarely, but I don’t like writing them. So, never hope for me to write Nukige. That said, everything about eroge in here has mature content (18+) and sometimes the content about manga in here has ecchi or mature content (or both of them). So, please browse accordingly


The author of this blog is Will.

About The Name

The name of the blog was inspired when I read a certain manga. At that time I’m really confused with naming my blog and I decide to read manga and cast aside naming my blog at that time. In the chapter of one of manga that I read, the protagonist (a boy) give the girl a happiness that she never felt before. When read that, I said “Ah, I also want to give a happiness to someone too. If possible I want to give eternal happiness” in my mind. After said that in my mind, I was immediately thinking that naming my blog Eien no Shiawase (永遠の幸せ, which means Eternal Happiness in English) was a great idea. Thus after that, I named this blog Eien no Shiawase.

Site History

I officially opened this blog on March 12th 2014 as my way to express my thoughts and opinions in my hobbies and my way to share my hobbies (Eroges, Games, Mangas, Animes, Writing Story, and many more).


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Grats on starting up your blog! Structure looks a lot like mine, but I’m sure things will change over time as you find your own niche and post style. Layout looks fine, although you may want to consider modifying the top banner to the correct resolution. It’s currently too big for the area.
    Remember, the key to a good blog is attention and content. The first 3 months are the hardest! Good luck!

    • Will says:

      Thanks. ^_^
      Btw, What structure that you mean? Also, I will consider about the top banner.

      I will do my best in the first 3 months and even after the first 3 months. ^_^

      • The formatting of some of the text on the pages, such as this one. It’s not really a problem per se, just that I recognize it as the way that I would write. If that’s also how you format your posts, then that’s totally cool as well.

        That’s the spirit! Keep that in mind as you move ahead.

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