There is a Will, there is a way. Yup, that’s me, Will. Well, I can’t say that I’m eroge veteran nor newbie because it’s already more than a year and a half since I played my first eroge. I also love read manga too and I read manga since elementary school kindergarten. I also love playing games too and I already played various genre game like RPG, MMORPG, FPS, Adventure, Sports, Real-Time Strategy, Survival, Racing, and many more. Anime is also something that I like too. Lately, I also love writing story too.

Now, most of my time used for studying (because I’m a university student), reading manga, playing eroge, and writing story. Talking about playing eroge, I never play eroge until I’m in university. Even I totally don’t know about eroge until my friends in university introduced me to eroge. Because of my friends now I’m addicted into eroge. For manga, I already read manga since kindergarten, so it grew on me and until now I’m still reading manga.

For writing story, at first I write a story when I’m still in junior high school, but it didn’t grow on me at that time. Suddenly it really grew on me when I’m in senior high school. Somehow, I thought that writing a story is really interesting and I kinda felt that there is no limit in writing a story because I can freely creative when I’m writing a story. Because of that, I’m addicted into writing story until now. Now I’m writing story not only because it’s really interesting, but also because I’m aiming to be a professional. I’m aiming to get serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump and made a popular series there with my own story.

In my life, There are only 5 mangaka or writer that really really got my respect. Those people are:

  • Akamatsu Ken (Mangaka of Love Hina, Mahou Sensei Negima, UQ Holder)
  • Komi Naoshi (Mangaka of Nisekoi, Double Arts)
  • Eiichiro Oda (Mangaka of One Piece)
  • Jun Maeda (Writer of AIR, Kanon, CLANNAD, and Little Busters!, Angel Beats!)
  • Niijima Yuu (Writer of Hatsuyuki Sakura, Natsuyume Nagisa)

Story definitely is the biggest influence in which manga that I read and which eroge that I play. As long as the story of that manga or eroge at least looks good and promising, I will read that manga or play that eroge. An emotional story definitely a plus for me. Nukige that don’t have “story” in it definitely a minus for me. To be honest, I don’t have any grudge or hate with nukige, just most of nukige don’t compatible with me. So I can’t end up liking most of nukige. I don’t care with art since I’m not that good at judging art, but I still can tell which manga or eroge that have good art or not. Character, I don’t care that much too. Maybe because I’m a simple man :D.

  • Favorite Characters: Kozakai Aya (Hatsuyuki Sakura), Nikaidou Shinku (Irotoridori no Sekai), Nakatsu Shizuru (Rewrite), Hisakaki Komomo (Hoshizora no Memoria), Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi)
  • Favorite Manga: Love Hina, Nisekoi, One Piece, Double Arts, Giant Killing, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Terra Formars, Nanatsu no Taizai, Koe no Katachi, Shokugeki no Souma.
  • Favorite Eroge: Hatsuyuki Sakura, Rewrite, Hoshizora no Memoria

My alias name, Will, comes from some of my friend that usually call me Wil. Since Wil and Will (maybe almost or totally) sounds same, I use my alias name Will.


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