My Manga And Eroge List

Eroge description here

Manga (漫画) are comics created in Japan, or by Japanese creators in the japanese Language (“Borrowed” from Wikipedia). Different with western comics that mostly exclusively only for children, manga isn’t exclusively only for children. Based on its target market, Manga divided into 5 types. Those types are:

  • Kodomo: Manga that directed/marketed towards children.
  • Shounen: Manga that marketed to male audience that aged roughly 10 and up
  • Shoujo: Manga that marketed to female audience that aged roughly 10 and up
  • Seinen: Manga that marketed to adult man (aged roughly 18 and up)
  • Josei: Manga that marketed to adult woman (aged roughly 18 and up)

From that I’m sure you can see that manga isn’t exclusively only for children. It’s okay to read manga. there is nothing wrong if you read manga. If some people said you’re childish because you still read manga, Just don’t mind them or show them a manga that recognized as adult manga in your country, to shut their mouth (Well, since in my country there are some shounen manga from japanese that recognized as adult manga, I’m sure the same thing happened too in your country).

My Preferences

My prefences in which eroge that I will play, First, it should have “Story“. As long as it has “Story” in it, then I will play it. This reason is also the reason why I rarely play Nukige. I think most of Nukige don’t have “story” in it and they’re just good for killing my time. Second, It should be promising and have good story. As long as it looks promising and looks good to me, I don’t mind to play an eroge, whether it’s cliche or not. Though an eroge have “story” in it, If it’s story doesn’t seems looks promising or looks good to me, I won’t play it for sure because they’re only wasting my time. I’m playing eroge because I want to find more good story, not to wasting my time. Third is the eroge have an emotional story. After playing Hatsuyuki Sakura, Hatsuyuki Sakura made me really like to emotional story. Usually Nakige or Utsuge eroge have emotional story that I mean.

Those first two are my main preferences to choose which eroge I will play. The third one is my optional preferences.

For preferences in which manga That I will read, most of manga that I read are Shounen and Seinen.

You can see my eroge list and manga list in here:

Eroge List

Manga List


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