Oricon Best Selling Manga Series 2014: 1st Half

It’s already June! That means holiday will come soon!! But before holiday, there is one nightmare that student must face. It’s none other than…………..FINAL TEST!!! I’m an university student, so that thing also applied to me. So, probably I won’t post anything besides Eroge Spotlight from next 2 weeks (So I can focus on my test). At least, 2 MONTHS HOLIDAY is waiting for me after final test.

By the way, this week Eroge Spotlight probably got delayed to next week. There are 4 spots Eroge Spotlight for this month and 3 eroges from this month eroge releases (June 2014 Eroge Releases) already filled those spots. That means only 1 spot Eroge Spotlight left for this month. Now, I’m still not sure which eroge from this month eroge releases (June 2014 Eroge Releases) besides those 3 eroges that should fill the last spot.

By the way, Oricon Best Selling Manga Series 2014: 1st Half was out yesterday. Since the list of it looks interesting, I decide to post Oricon Best Selling Manga Series 2014: 1st Half.

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The King of Hiatus is Back

Hi guys! It’s been a while since the last time I did Manga Talk in my blog. In this time Manga Talk, I have an interesting news that I want to share too. This news just released yesterday. I’m sure you will get interested when see it. So what is thenews? Here are the news that I have for everyone.

Yup, just as you see in that pic, HUNTER X HUNTER IS BACK!!!!! After hiatus for more than 2 years, the king of hiatus, Yoshihiro Togashi, decided to resume Hunter X Hunter. The news said that Hunter X Hunter manga to resume in June and more details about its return will be in this year Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #22-23.

Update: Hunter X Hunter resume in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #27

Well, I’m happy to see him to resume Hunter X Hunter, but now the question is for how long he resume Hunter X Hunter? Personally, I hope he doen’t take anymore hiatus. If he decides to take hiatus again later, I definitely drop Hunter X Hunter for sure. To be honest the main objective of Hunter X Hunter (Gon meet his father) was already accomplished, so I think what he does to Hunter X Hunter now is prolonging it. He already had a chance to finish Hunter X Hunter at that time, yet he decided to prolong it.

Manga Talk – Is This Coincidence Or Conspiracy?

Once again, we already moving into new week. Well, I’m sure that I already said before that time is moving fast when you don’t realize it. Just look now, we only have 7 days left in March now.

By the way, today I begin this week post with manga talk that related to Nisekoi and Koe no Katachi. In my opinion, Nisekoi is the best shounen romcom manga in Weekly Shounen Jump now. Meanwhile, Koe no Katachi is the best shounen romance manga in Weekly Shounen Magazine now. So, what makes me want to talk about those two not because they’re the best romance manga in their respective magazine, but because of their latest chapter.

So, did you already read their latest chapter. If you still don’t read them, I recommend you to read them first. I give you the link so you can read them.

Nisekoi chapter 115

Koe no Katachi chapter 30

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Manga Talk – Many Popular Manga Getting Close To The End This Year

Hi everyone!! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday because I’m not feeling well. Today in my manga talk, we talk about popular manga that ended in this year or rumored to end in this year. Why I bring this topic? I’m sure some of you don’t realize that we got many news about some popular manga that will end soon in this year lately. The latest news about popular manga that will end soon in this year came from Koe no Katachi and Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows). Because of that I decided to talk about this topic in this Manga Talk.

Yesterday, I searched some information about manga that ended, or will end soon, or rumored to end in this year. Here are the list of manga that ended, or will end soon, or rumored to end in this year that I found so far:

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Manga Talk – Is It Bad Sign Or Not?

World Trigger Volume 4 Cover

Hey guys! We already moved into new week. Since we just moved into new week, let me begin this new week with Manga Talk. Today, my manga talk is related to Sci-fi Action manga by Ashihara Daisuke, World Trigger.

Before I begin the talk about World Trigger, first of all I show you some Ashihara-sensei interview by ESJ (English Shounen Jump). Last week, ESJ did an interview with Ashihara-sensei and here are some of his interview that interest me: (Credits to zogobob in mangahelpers for translating the interview)

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