Talk About Getchu’s April 2014 Vote Result

At last, my final test is over!! I’m so happy now. >_<
Now I can fully enjoy playing eroge to the content of my heart.

Btw, few days ago I checked Getchu sites and I’m surprised that the result of Getchu’s April 2014 Vote was already out. Usually the result out around 21st to 25th every month.

So as usual, I decided to post it so everyone can know the result of Getchu’s April 2014 Vote. Not like previous month result that have some surprise, this month result doesn’t have much surprise because the result is predictable, but still I think this is the first time in this year that non-ADV eroge dominate the top place of the result.

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Eroge Spotlight – Tenbin no La DEA. ~Ikusa Megami MEMORIA~

It’s already a new week, so it’s time for new Eroge Spotlight!!!

I won’t ever boring to say that again and again just to bring my Eroge Spotlight every week to everyone. By the way, 4 days left until all April 2014 Eroge released. So, did you already plan and pick which eroge from this month that you want to play when it’s released? For me, there are 4 eroges from this month that I planned to play. One eroge already fixed to play when it’s released and 3 eroges still “probably to play” for this month. How about you? Still can’t pick which eroge from this month that you want to play when it’s released? If you have that problem, my Eroge Spotlight can be one of solution for that problem for you.

This week Eroge Spotlight is the second in a row Eroge Spotlight that featuring non ADV Eroge. It’s non ADV eroge, but if last week Eroge Spotlight was featuring SLG eroge, this week Eroge Spotlight is featuring RPG Eroge. Besides that, the RPG eroge in this week Eroge Spotlight looks like is the most anticipated eroge in this month. I’m sure you know which eroge that I mean. Especially peoples that love to play RPG and eroge. This RPG Eroge is the newest eroge from the company who likes to promote RACIAL EQUALITY between Human, Angel, Devil/Demon, and many more races to the world in Most of eroge that made by this company. Yes, It’s the one and only Eushully! So here are this week Eroge Spotlight……Tenbin no La DEA. ~Ikusa Megami MEMORIA~!!!

Company: エウシュリー (Eushully)

Game Site: 天秤のLa DEA。 ~戦女神MEMORIA~

Release date: April 29, 2014

Links: VNDB, Getchu

This title is the continuation of the Ikusa Megami series and is a remake of the original title from 1999. Celica Sylphil obtained the body of a goddess by slaying her. As a result, he was chased by gods and nations, and hunted by assassins until the ‘water miko’, the guardian saint of the holy nation of Rewinia. During the Battle of Dounel, he lost almost all of his divine power while defeating the evil dragon Aracale. Rewinia was saved, but he had become a soul-less female body.

Before he had time to recover his wounds, the ‘water miko’ requested that he head to the Rerun area to investigate the disappearance of the princess of Rewinia 18 years ago. Following the Rewinian order of knights who had left before him, he arrived to find a giant labyrinth. Will he be able to uncover the truth and regain his lost power?

(“Borrowed” from Micchi’s Blog)

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